Hi everyone im Ben

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Hi everyone im Ben

Post  Ben on Mon Apr 28, 2008 12:35 pm

Hi my name is Ben Bloomfield im 29 and from Herts. I got in to wood work after studying a 2 year guitar making course at Merton college in surry during that time I also got into stick making through doing one of Keiths class's.
I would one day like to make sticks full time or for it to be a part of my main income, amongst other wood work. I have a small fitted out workshop but in time I would like to find some premises with better facilties when and if money allows.

Im a self employed painter and decorater and genral builder but I would dearly love to be able to gradually reduce what I do or work part time doing somthing else to be full time in my workshop.

The forum is a great Idea keith im sure it will be a great help to people, I know it will be for me many thanks.


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