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Hello from Paul Gretton

Post  Paul Gretton on Mon Apr 28, 2008 8:35 pm

I'm originally from the north of England, but I've spent the past 40 years working abroad, since 1980 in the far south of the Netherlands. I make the odd stick now and again “for the fun of it". It's satisfying to occasionally make something with my hands rather than just with my head! (I'm a translator by profession.) My sticks are mostly long ones (often thumbsticks) for use while fellwalking (that's the British term for what Americans would call "rough country hiking".)

There are many overgrown hedgerows in this part of the world that provide good shaft material, mostly ash, hazel and hawthorn. I've also salvaged some wood from trees in my garden that were felled by storms: laburnum, pear, yew, and rowan. With any luck, that wood will give me some interesting handles. I've also harvested shafts from two large coppiced hazels in the garden, so I hope to be able to produce sticks that are entirely "home-grown" (well, apart from the glue and the ferrule).

Paul Gretton
(near Maastricht in the Netherlands)

Paul Gretton

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