How do I post messages?

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How do I post messages?

Post  Admin on Thu Apr 17, 2008 10:35 pm

Please read the rules and read any other "READ THIS" posts before you ask a question.You must first register to become a member - only members can post messages. Our messages are divided into different topics so please post messages relevant to that topic. If you can't find a topic you want to discuss then use the "General Stickmaking Subject" and use that. If you think there is a need for a new topic discussion area then suggest it to Admin and we will consider adding it.

If there's already a discussion covering your topic please read it then add to it if it doesn't answer your question. But please do not tag your question onto a discussion if it is unrelated. If you do, I'll simply delete it. Start a new discussion topic if your subject hasn't already been discussed.
If you find a subject already under discussion and would like to ask a question or make a comment, use the "Post Reply" button. If you wish to start another subject then use the "New topic" button.

Don't post blatant adverts without permission. They will be erased and you may be banned if you are blatantly spamming.

As we (The Stick Man) are paying for this forum, not only to help visitors, but also to encourage them to buy from us, we don't particularly want to host links to rival companies (or to eBay sales)!
We make our living from stickmaking so if you try to deprive us of customers we don't take kindly to it! If you wish to advertise then please contact us first.

Do NOT include your email address in any post unless you like spam. (I won't spam you but I can't guarantee that others won't if you divulge your address).

Please don't put images with your text. If you want someone to look at a picture, put the picture on your own web site and add a link to it. Or use one of these sites:

Since many sections of this forum are for technical matters and since many visitors are not native English speakers, we request that you use correct spelling, grammar and punctuation for technical questions - regardless of which language you use.

For the same reason, please don't "text". You don't need to abbreviate words. You are not limited to 255 characters. Type as much as you want!

There is no waiting period. You can start your own discussion thread as soon as you join our community. However, this does mean that we are especially hard on those who break the rules. You'll be banned without warning.

If you ignore the rules your post will be deleted. You may post again, provided that you follow the rules. If, instead, you then come back with abuse, you'll be banned without warning.



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