joining handle to shank

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joining handle to shank

Post  STICK-AT-IT on Fri May 02, 2008 10:24 pm

Been stick making for one year can anyone tell me the best way to join handle to shank without filing 38/46 inch shank down to 1 inch thanks Derek


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joining shank to handle

Post  viktur melldruw on Sun May 04, 2008 2:47 am

Hi Derek

Not sure what the 38/46 is, but what I does is cuts a peg on the end of my shank. Always 5/8 inch dia, to fit a corresponding hole in the handle. I use this on all handles be they wood of horn.
I first drills me handle making sure it sits level in the vice. Use a spirit level. Next I measures the depth of the hole, I am looking for about 2.5 inches in most cases.
Then I takes me shank and using a circle temple, I scribes a 5/8 inch circle on the end of the shank, dead centre.
Next I takes the depth of the hole and marks it on the shank for the length of the peg.
Now I cuts my peg and does some hand work to make a nice snug fit in the hole.

Mate the two together and tidy up the joint.

If I am making a working stick what is going to get some hard work, then I drills down the centre of the peg so that I can push a thin rod of stainless down the hole to straddle the shoulder of the peg. This being the weakest point. Once everything is ship shape and Bristol fashion I glues up.

It might seem a lot of work but it makes a nice light weigth joint which is strong.

If you cannot find stainless rod, a better solution is copper nails what dont rust in the peg and dont blow the timber apart if the stainless is not as stainles as hoped.

I hopes you cans follow all this Derek. Good luck with the show you are going to this week.

Yours very sincerely Viktur.

viktur melldruw

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